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 What is a perfume essence?
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What is a perfume essence?

Perfume essences are undiluted, compounded perfumes.

Because of this, they are much thicker in consistency than diluted perfumes. That is why they are also called "perfume oils".

The oils are prepared to flow easily, and our containers are designed to deliver a single drop. Our perfume essences are the work of a perfumer, working in the centuries-old Sufi tradition of perfumery. This tradition is passed on from father to son and requires years of diligent apprenticeship.

Perfume essences are entirely different from so-called "essential oils", which are simply the extracted oils of a particular substance, usually botanical. These lack the sophistication and balance of an artfully blended perfume, which can consist of a multitude of different fragrant components.

And needless to say, the Madini perfume essences are also a world apart from cheap perfumes created from synthetic chemicals in imitation of various commercial fragrances. The lower end of the perfume market is flooded these days with such bulk perfumes mixed up by chemists. Madini's perfume essences are something completely different.